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    Cultured t@lks

    WHEN: 24-06-2020

    START: 19:00

    PLACE: Internet

    WHO FOR: Those who want to practice their English

    De gustibus non est disputandum, so let’s together keep silent about:
    every outfit from the past, that make us feel ashamed
    Bravo Hits 2000 CDs, still littering somewhere in our closet
    porcelain elephants that auntie Barbara gave us and we’re afraid to throw them off
    dishes that don’t look good, but are delicious

    Next Wednesday, we will meet online to agree on the fact that everyone has committed at least one smaller or bigger “aesthetic crime”. We will look from distance at ourselves and at others. Shared laughter will heal wounds of all the embarrassing garments and all the dances to “Ooops, I did it again!“.

    The starting point for our first talk will be a short movie (about 6 mins) from School of Life. You can find it here: https://youtu.be/rD1qKMgTnAE

    To partake in our Cultured t@lks, take pains and send us mails at:
    In answer, we will send you the link for the online meeting.

    In the past...

    Strona rozbudowana w ramach projektu „Łódzki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej”

    Logotypy: Fundusze Europejskie – Program Regionalny, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Województwo Łódzkie, Unia Europejska – Europejski Fundusz Społeczny