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    Poetry evening at Szykier

    WHEN: 28-02-2019

    WHEN: 19:30

    WHERE: Szykier, ul. Północna 1/3, Łódź

    WHO FOR: Everyone who loves poetry

    Good evening of poetry!

    On February 28, we invite poetry lovers, authors, thinkers, students, neighbors, in a word – all inhabitants of Łódź, regardless of age – to a beautiful place on the map of our city, i.e. the newly opened Szykier cafe. We would like to spend time together with you in a warm, artistic atmosphere, reading the most beautiful poems from your collections or simply in your memory. We encourage you to browse the pages, look deeper, rummage until your cheeks are red with excitement that here it is… it is, the most beautiful poem!

    We are lovers of Łódź. We immodestly dream to restore the atmosphere of old cafes in our city, where artistic life lived. One of such places was often mentioned in literary texts – Cafe Astoria. It was located at 27 Piotrkowska Street. It was here that artists, writers and writers met to debate together about sublime matters.
    During our evening we will look at, among others, the poetry of authors associated around the groups: Jung Idysz, Silver Wagon or Grupa Łodzian. We are open to the inventiveness of our guests – we encourage you to bring your suggestions of works worth presenting and anecdotes about the artistic life of old Łódź, in a word: to create this evening together.
    We value beautiful books and extraordinary spaces, but we will also not forget about the musical layer. In search of the atmosphere of those years, the historic walls of the cafe will be filled with the sounds of the piano.

    We invite you!
    The owners of the premises and ARTernatywa: Ada Słowikowska, Karolina Karolak and Sonia Szechowska.

    In the past...

    Strona rozbudowana w ramach projektu „Łódzki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej”

    Logotypy: Fundusze Europejskie – Program Regionalny, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Województwo Łódzkie, Unia Europejska – Europejski Fundusz Społeczny