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    Zmyśl/Zmysł #2 – TOUCH: Radio Kapitał

    WHEN: 19-03-2021

    WHEN: 2 PM

    WHERE: https://radiokapital.pl/shows/zmysl-zmysl/

    WHO FOR: Everyone

    Zmyśl/Zmysł: #2 – DOTYK

    This is ARTernatorki.

    This program was supposed to have a completely different shape. It happened otherwise, due to the disease, we spent the last two weeks in our apartment together. Isolated from the touch of everyday life, absorbed in an isolation routine.
    These will be reflections on the senses and their sleep / weakening, presence and absence, isolation and a sense of emptiness, a sense of absurdity and meaning. Our observation of ourselves in the apartment, everyday activities that were repeated as if in slow motion, reminiscent of the constant work of Sisyphus. In today’s broadcast we will try to touch the touch.

    – – – – –

    Every four weeks, on Fridays at 2 p.m., we invite you to spend time with us on the air of Radio Kapitał. We explore, we listen to and sometimes we express ourselves phonically.

    Ideas flow from us and provoke action. Understanding comes from experiencing, and this idea guides us in our actions and will accompany us during the program. We are not able to show you everything, and you can hear and imagine it, but we will try to slip through the swirling of Łódź and human images. We will refer to our own observations, talk and sharpen our senses with colorful guests


    In the past...

    Strona rozbudowana w ramach projektu „Łódzki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej”

    Logotypy: Fundusze Europejskie – Program Regionalny, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Województwo Łódzkie, Unia Europejska – Europejski Fundusz Społeczny