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    Workshops at slowing down – #SloMo

    WHEN: 07-09-2020

    WHEN: 10 AM

    WHERE: Park Staromiejski, “Gdańska” Library in Lodz

    WHO FOR: Kids and adolescents

    The project “#SloMo – slowing down workshops” is aimed at children and young people from the digital generation. It consists of interdisciplinary classes, covering issues related to film art, editing, musical and movement improvisation and the philosophy of slow life. We will create short audiovisual productions.

    The title of the project refers to the English name of the “slow motion” effect, used in film nomenclature, where time seems to be slower. The tool used by the participants during the workshops will not be a professional camera, but a smartphone with a photo-video option. This is to promote the useful application of this device and to show that you can create independently of the equipment you have.

    We invite children and adolescents from 10 to 17 years of age to participate in the workshops. 4 creative groups will be created in 2 age categories (approx. 10 people per group):

    2 younger groups (10-13 years old)
    2 older groups (14-17)

    The adopted division will be adjusted to the individual preferences of the participants.

    Participation in the workshops is free of charge.
    Subscriptions: grupa.arternatywa@gmail.com
    Attention! The number of places is limited.

    Each participant will take part in a series of 3 workshops (each approx. 3.5 hours, including a 30-minute break), during which participants will deepen their theoretical knowledge and, above all, will be involved in creative and practical activities.

    Film materials collected during the workshops will be transformed into separate audiovisual productions, edited with the help of the artist conducting the workshops. The final result of the participants’ work, i.e. short films with sound setting, will be presented during 2 open-air shows (2 groups per 1 show) in the garden of the Kipisz Café in Łódź. Participants will be invited along with accompanying persons and families. The demonstrations will be accompanied by talks moderated by a sociologist, aimed at summarizing the experiences and reflections of the project participants.

    The task is carried out under the Program of the National Center for Culture Very Young Culture 2019-2021. The regional operator of the Very Young Culture 2019-2021 program in the voivodeship Łódź is the Łódź Cultural Center.

    The partners of the project are: ARTernatywa Foundation, Gdańsk Library in Łódź, K I P I S Z.

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