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    E-sthetic snapshots of Łódź

    WHEN: 13-11-2020

    START: 2 PM

    PLACE: Internet

    WHO FOR: everyone who loves Lodz city

    In which year did Lodz receive city rights? Where was the first escalator installed? Who founded the brewery on the Łódka River?
    You will find answers to these questions in the series of short animations “E-sthetic Snapshots of Łódź”. We invite you to the on-line screenings on Friday the 13th!

    The project “E-sthetic snapshots of Łódź” consists of 3 unique short animated films, made in Łódź. Each of the animations tells about unique places characteristic of our city:

    • The “Śledzia” Park and its surroundings – this place with a rich history dating back to the beginnings of the city, is the starting point to show the multiculturalism of Łódź;
    • areas related to the post-industrial heritage of Łódź, where life is currently being reborn;
    • buildings with valuable architectural values ​​(Domus, Central or Manhattan) – buildings that are symbols of the future, development and modernization of the city are the background for stories about Łódź’s recent aspirations to modernity.

    Films perform the following functions: educational , artistic and promotional (pro-tourist) . The educational value for the viewer is the opportunity to experience the history and culture of the city through the experience of film narratives filled with facts and anecdotes. We hope that the experience of an e-guided film based on animation techniques combined with authentic archival materials (e.g. photographs, postcards, engravings) will be an incentive to visit the city.

    The aim of the project is to record and popularize local heritage. The production of the series of films “E-sthetic snapshots of Łódź” is particularly important due to the pace of changes taking place in the ways of functioning of the Łódź community, as well as changes in the development of the city tissue. As part of the project, we want to recreate stories from the cultural and social space of Lodz, which have not yet been fully told. Create material that will take the viewer on a sentimental journey into the world of ‘snapshots’ of the rich history of Łódź. The narratives are built on the basis of tools and methods bordering on historical factography, urban storytelling and ethnographic journalism (fragments of interviews, anecdotes of residents, archives). For the local community, such an approach has both a culture-creating and integrating load.

    In the past...

    Strona rozbudowana w ramach projektu „Łódzki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej”

    Logotypy: Fundusze Europejskie – Program Regionalny, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Województwo Łódzkie, Unia Europejska – Europejski Fundusz Społeczny