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Kulturalne pogad@nki – Cultured (small) t@lks

KIEDY: 29-06-2021

KIEDY: 29-06-2021

START: 19:30


DLA KOGO: Dla chcących ćwiczyć swój angielski

If you hate „small talk”, you should definitely t@lk with us about it.
 7:30 PM. ZOOM.
Interested? ?
E-mail us —> grupa.arternatwa@gmail.com


This is not a typical English lesson!
Cultured t@lks is a series of meetings for people who want to have conversations in English in an unusual way.
We create an open space for the exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences among people who are favorable to each other. In the spirit of acceptance and respect for the diversity of views and traditions, we will discuss cultural and social issues. There will also be elements related to the specificity of our city – Łódź. The project aims at an interdisciplinary approach to integration in the spirit of open discussion.
We invite everyone who wants to practice their English, and in particular:
– foreigners studying in Łódź;
– Polish students;
– English speaking people.
You will be able to improve your communication skills and soft skills.
There will be 7 meetings, most of which will take place online, starting from June to October 2021. You can participate in conversations continuously, at one time, or you can join during the cycle.
One meeting may be attended by 15 people.
Detailed schedule:
1. online meeting – June (15.06.) Tuesday 7:30 PM (Polish time)
2. online meeting – June (29.06.) Tuesday 7:30 PM (Polish time)
3. OFFline meeting – July (30.07) Friday 5:30 PM (Polish time) at KIPISZ
4. online meeting – August (21.08) Saturday 2 PM (Polish time)
5. OFFline meeting – September (14.09) Tuesday 7:30 PM (Polish time) at KIPISZ
6. OFFline meeting – September (28.09) Tuesday 7:30 PM (Polish time)
7. online meeting – October (09.10) Saturday 2 PM (Polish time)
The task was co-financed from the budget of the City of Łódź as part of the „Academic Łódź friendly to new city residents” competition.

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